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LTK Golf – Yours, mine, our golf coach in Italy, Lake Garda

Would you like to start playing golf, are you an advanced or top golfer? The “ForeverInTheGame” brand offers you exactly the right training institution with its highly effective and holistic training concept.

For continuous enjoyment of the game and constant improvement, Lars Tobias Küpper developed a special teaching method, the holistic LTK golf concept (logic-technique-art) and has meanwhile also refined it. It means saying goodbye to traditional beliefs like “look at the ball” or “get under the ball more”. Instead, the player focuses solely on the swing motion and takes advantage of the properties of his body and those of the golf club. “The golf swing and the way to play golf, as I teach it, should be demonstrable by me, physically correct, repeatable, effective, dynamic and above all gentle on the body and healthy,” says the man who has been in the golf business for 18 years and who has optimized his knowledge over several years as a PGA Professional not only in European countries.

A way to learn how to play golf properly

Be part of the LTK Golf Concept too

One to one

Learn a clean and correct swing movement and reach your next level of performance.

On Course

Play 9 or 18 holes together with Lars mental and strategic support.


Fun and instructive group golf training with diverse and varied focal points.

Golf & Health

Get healthy again through the game of golf. Basically learn a health-promoting golf movement.

Golf Trips

LTK takes you to the finest golf resorts around the world. Play on the most beautiful greens in the world during your golf holiday with a perfectly designed program, regardless of your skill level.

Club Fitting

Static or dynamic club adjustment.


Precise shot length measurement with table for the golf bag.


Golf training – vouchers for starting your golf journey, handicap improvement or golf trips.


Eventful and joyful golf experience days for schools, family, friends, companies or weddings.

Golf. Das schönste Spiel der Welt.

PGA Professional on Lake Garda, Italy

Lars Tobias Küpper

The long-time golf instructor and PGA professional Lars Tobias Küpper offers his holistic training offer in Italy on Lake Garda.

For a perfect introduction to the game of golf and continued enjoyment on the golf course, PGA golf instructor Lars Tobias Küpper has developed and continuously refined an easy-to-use golf coaching concept that accelerates the learning process over the past 18 years.

This is what makes golf lessons with Lars so special.

Logic, Technique, Art

Body and mind are literally synchronized. In the 18 years as a PGA Coach, Lars has learned particularly well to empathize with the thought processes and the body of the player.

The long-standing and highly effective concept with the holistic care of the player and with the goal - once a golfer = forever a golfer.

Are you ready to just learn how to play golf properly? Then work with me with joy to develop a simple, repeatable, effective, dynamic and body-friendly golf swing.

100% concentration, attention and trust play a crucial role in every training session.
The focus on the essentials, optimism, patience and perseverance help us to make you fitter in all areas. We take up development processes and accelerate them with the innovative and unique LTK Golf concept.

During technique acquisition training, you will learn how to swing the golf club in a way that is physically most effective and, above all, demonstrable. With constant training, you will get to know and understand your swing as well as possible, which means that you can train more effectively on your own and achieve more consistency in your game on the pitch.
In your overall movement, all of the partial movements should show that you are bringing the energy of the clubface against the ball, not up and not under. The good hitting of the ball, by acquiring the release of the centrifugal forces, follows the control over the direction of your ball flight.
Together we apply what we have learned on the course, where we bring in very special tactical and mental elements.

In addition to the right swing technique and golf-specific fitness, the metabolism deserves important attention, because the right acid-base balance is an essential prerequisite for optimal physical and mental performance (concentration) from 1-18 holes.
The basis for this is a base excess diet (mainly vegetarian) as well as a sophisticated combination of bioavailable micro and macronutrients (vitamins/minerals/trace elements and protein (vegetable)/fats (unsaturated)/carbohydrates (whole food)

…..of course we also work together to optimally match your material from the ball, putter to the driver to your person.


Highly efficient and healthy golf training


That's what the customer says

Ich möchte mich nochmal bei Dir für die tollen inspirierenden Golfstunden bedanken! Für mich war das der Schlüssel zum Golf, jetzt macht es mir richtig Spaß, die Bälle fliegen viel besser, es tut nun meiner Gesundheit gut. Super, danke!

Ulrike S.

Dank Dir, Lars! Ich bin echt gut am Start mit diesem “Feel the Clubhead”! Lass uns mal eine größere Trainingsgeschichte für das Golf Journal andenken! (nach dem Training mit dem Feel It Stick)

Journalist Stefan M.

Völlig beseelt und ganz offen gestanden absolut wieder für’s Golf spielen begeistert (anders kann ich es nicht sagen), möchte ich besonders Dir danken für die vielen Hilfen an den zwei Tagen. Die Veranschaulichung des Schlages in physikalischer Hinsicht war wichtig zusammen mit der Video-Aufnahme von meinem Schwung; und den Ansatz des Fühlens des Gesamtvorgangs “Schlag” als spielen und nicht treffen müssens/sollens/Könnens habe ich wirklich eindrucksvoll mitgenommen. Mein Dank geht also ganz besonders in Deine Richtung, weil Neugier und Begeisterung ein schönes Gefühl ist. Was Du geweckt hast: ganz lieben Dank dafür!

Knud S.

Die Stunde heute war super, sehr gut verständlich – und der Ball fliegt wieder. Habe mich sogar mit deinem wirklich hilfreichen Computer angefreundet!

Susanne P.

Lars setzt bei seinem Training sehr stark auf mentales Training, was zu erstaunlich schnellen Verbesserungen der Schwungtechniken führt. Insgesamt eine sehr inspirierende und rundherum vergnügliche Golf-Session. Wir freuen uns schon auf die Fortsetzung im Oktober.

Prof. Dr. Hans und Dr. Birgit B.


Ich vermisse Dich als Mensch, weil Du was ganz besonderes bist. Eine Trainerstunde kann mir physikalisches Verständnis geben.
Die Zeit mit Dir, gab mir den Blick auf das Wesentliche.

Frank W.

Business Owner

Thank you again for the great intro to golf – your teaching methods and generally pleasant demeanour has all of us eager to come back to Golf Bogliaco and get further instruction.

Mohammad A.

Office Manager
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